Terms of Service

Effective 5-1-2023 // Updated 12-17-2023

Registration and Access

Minimum Age

You must be at least 13 years old or the minimum age required in your country to consent to use the Services. If you are under 18, you must have your parent or legal guardian’s permission to use the Services.


To register for an account to use our Services, you must provide accurate and complete information. It is prohibited to share account credentials or allow anyone else to access your account. You are accountable for all activity under your account. If you’re creating an account or using the Services on behalf of someone else or an entity, you must be authorized to accept these Terms on their behalf.

Using Our Services

What You Can Do

You are permitted to access and use our Services if you comply with these Terms. You must abide by all applicable laws, our Sharing & Publication Policy, Usage Policies, and any additional documentation or policies provided to you.

What You Cannot Do

The Services must not be used for illegal, harmful, or abusive activities. Prohibited actions include, but are not limited to:

  • Infringing, misappropriating, or violating rights.
  • Modifying, copying, leasing, selling, or distributing any of our Services.
  • Reverse engineering, decompiling, or attempting to extract the source code of our Services, except where prohibited by law.
  • Automated or programmed data or Output extraction.
  • Falsely representing Output as human-generated.
  • Interfering with our Services or bypassing restrictions and safeguards.
  • Using Output to develop competing models against ChadGPT.


Our Services may offer downloadable software that updates automatically. This software may include open-source components governed by their own licenses.

Corporate Domains

Account creation using a corporate email may result in your account being managed by that organization. We will notify you to facilitate account transfer if not already done by the organization.

Third Party Services

We integrate third-party services, which are governed by their own terms. ChadGPT is not responsible for any Third Party Services or Output.


Any feedback you provide can be used by us without restrictions or compensation.


Your Content

You may provide input (“Input”) to receive output (“Output”) from the Services, collectively “Content.” You are responsible for your Content and must ensure it does not violate any laws or these Terms. You warrant you have the rights to provide Input to our Services.

Ownership of Content

You retain your rights to Input and own any Output, to which we assign any rights we may have, with the exception of others’ and Third Party Output.

Similarity of Content

Output similarity may occur due to the nature of our Services and artificial intelligence. Others may receive similar Output.

Our Use of Content

We may utilize Content to enhance our Services, comply with laws, enforce our terms, and ensure the safety of our Services.

Opt Out

To prevent us from using your Content to train our models, ask for removal of your account and data by emailing [email protected].


Our Services, being in the field of artificial intelligence, are evolving and may produce inaccurate Output. By using our Services, you understand:

  • Output may not always be accurate and should not be relied upon exclusively.
  • Output should be evaluated for accuracy before use.
  • Do not use Output for decisions with legal or significant impact on individuals.
  • Output may be incomplete or offensive and does not reflect ChadGPT’s views.

Our IP Rights

ChadGPT and affiliates own all rights to the Services. Our name and logo may only be used according to our Brand Guidelines.

Paid Accounts


You must provide accurate billing details if purchasing Services. Upon signing up, users have the option to choose either a yearly or monthly subscription plan, which comes with a 14-day free trial period. If the subscription is not canceled within this trial period, you will be automatically charged based on the selected subscription plan. You can cancel at any time during the 14-day trial without incurring charges by going to their Billing Dashboard, located in their account menu.

However, refunds will not be provided for cancellations made after the trial period. There are no exceptions. If you cancel after the 14-day trial, you will continue to receive the benefits of the software for the duration of the paid subscription period, after which the subscription will be automatically canceled. Paid subscriptions that are not cancelled will incur periodic automatic charges. You are responsible for taxes, and we will charge tax when required.

Service Credits

Prepaid service credits may be available to be purchased and are subject to additional terms.


Subscriptions can be canceled by you at any time using your Billing Dashboard. Payments are non-refundable as described above, except as required by law.


Prices may change, with at least 30 days’ notice for material increases affecting your next renewal period.

Termination and Suspension


You may stop using our Services at any time. We may terminate or suspend access due to breach of Terms, legal compliance, or risks to ChadGPT.


If you believe your account was wrongfully terminated, contact our Support team to appeal at [email protected].

Discontinuation of Services

Discontinued Services will be communicated, but no refunds will be given for downtime for service interruptions or discontinuations. In the event that ChadGPT services are shut down entirely due to extenuating circumstances, economical or otherwise, no refunds will be given for any reason.

Disclaimer of Warranties


Limitation of Liability



Businesses will indemnify us against third-party claims related to Service use or Terms violations.

Dispute Resolution

Disputes will be resolved through arbitration in Spokane, WA, following NAM guidelines, except for small claims and injunction requests.

Copyright Complaints

If you believe in copyright infringement, contact us with detailed information at:

Phone: (509) 404-0808 Email: [email protected]

General Terms


You cannot transfer your rights under these Terms. We may assign our rights to affiliates or business successors.

Changes to These Terms or Our Services

We may update these Terms and Services at any time without notice. It is your sole responsibility to understand the terms of service, fair use policy, and privacy policy in their entirety while you’re a user of ChadGPT.

Trade Controls

You must comply with trade laws, sanctions, and export controls.

Entire Agreement

These Terms represent the full agreement between you and ChadGPT.

Governing Law

Spokane, WA law governs these Terms.


For general inquiries or research, contact us at the above-stated contact details.

Fair Use Policy

This Fair Use Policy (“Policy”) applies to the use of ChadGPT’s services, including but not limited to our chat applications integrating OpenAI technology. By signing up for a free trial or a pro account, you expressly agree to this Policy, along with our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Definition of ‘Unlimited’: While we offer ‘unlimited’ outputs for our pro users, this is subject to reasonable use limitations. For GPT-4 outputs, the ‘unlimited’ use is capped at 2,000 outputs per month. For GPT-3.5 outputs, this limit is set at 5,000 outputs per month. These limits are designed to ensure fair access and optimal service performance for all our users.

Prohibition of Automated Use: Any form of automated use of our system is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of bots, scripts, or other automated processes intended to generate outputs without direct human oversight or interaction.

Legal Compliance: By agreeing to this Policy, you acknowledge that you are bound by the laws and regulations of Washington State, USA, and agree to comply with all applicable legal requirements.

Consequences of Violation: Violation of this Policy will result in immediate revocation of your account. In cases where such violation incurs expenses to ChadGPT, we reserve the right to pursue reimbursement through all available legal means under the jurisdiction of Washington State, USA.

This Policy is subject to change at any time, and we encourage our users to regularly review it to stay informed of their responsibilities. Your continued use of ChadGPT’s services constitutes your agreement to this Policy and any updates made to it.

Data Deletion

You may request your data to be removed by writing to [email protected] from the email associated with your account. In some cases, where required by law, we may be unable to comply with deletion requests.

General Terms:

This policy is part of our Terms of Service and is subject to change. Changes will be effective immediately upon posting on our website. By subscribing to our services, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Refund and Cancellation Policy, along with our other policies and agreements.